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Paw-some Bacon Ranch Cheeseball

Prep Time:

1 hr 15 min

Cook Time:

0 min

Total Time:

1 hr 15 min



Ready to dip your paws into this insanely cheesy dip? And yes, the pun is very much intended. Because this holiday appetizer  has just the right amount of cream, zesty ranch and savory bacon, your guests will wish this was the main course.


How to make it

  • 1

    Beat cream cheese, sour cream and ranch seasoning until combined. 

  • 2

    Add shredded cheddar and crushed CHEETOS® PAWS® and beat until fluffy. 

  • 3

    Stir in green onions and bacon. 

  • 4

    Transfer mixture to a sheet of plastic wrap. Mold into an oval shape that is 1 ½ inches high by 4 ½ inches across. Wrap tightly and refrigerate at least one hour.

  • 5

    Just before serving, unwrap cheese form and roll in crushed  CHEETOS® PAWS®, pressing to coat completely. 

  • 6

    Place form on a serving plate. Use a spoon to shape a paw print on the surface.

  • 7

    Serve immediately with a side of CHEETOS® PAWS®. 

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