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Western Steak Skillet

Prep Time:

10 min

Cook Time:

35 min

Total Time:

45 min



Enjoy a hearty meal with this Western Steak Skillet, featuring tender steak, savory vegetables, and flavorful seasonings cooked together for a delicious one-pan dish.


How to make it

  • 1

    In a large skillet, brown ground beef; drain and set aside in bowl. (Delete this step if using cooked flank steak.)

  • 2

    Sauté rice-vermicelli mix with margarine over medium heat until vermicelli is golden brown, stirring frequently.

  • 3

    Stir in water, roasted peppers, seasoning mix and Italian herb blend. Cover, simmer 15-20 min or until rice is tender.

  • 4

    While rice mixture cooks, melt remaining 2 tbsp margarine over medium-high heat in skillet used for beef. Add onions and cook until golden brown, about 12-13 min.

  • 5

    Uncover rice mixture and stir in beef and onions. Top with cheese and parsley, if desired. Let sit 2-3 min. to warm through and melt cheese.

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